Founded in the year of 2009, We, Averzs Technologies, are known to be among the most eminent organizations involved in offering a broad array of Training Services, Research and Developments.Averzs Technologies is the Resource Center for Scientific and Engineering training Excellence. We offer training to the technical community of Corporate, Educational & Research Institutions, Science,Engineering students, Graduates, Post graduates and Research people.The perfect outsourcing solutions partner is an entity that addresses your technology and cycle time requirements and budget constraints, while ensuring the required quality, efficiency, reliability & last but certainly not the least, data confidentiality exactly what Averzs Technologies can be counted on to achieve on a consistent basis for you.

Averzs Technologies provide solutions in MATLAB/SIMULINK, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Field-programmable gate array (FPGA), Java, DOT Net,PHP Web Development, Android, NS2, and Power Electronics. We provide Audio Signal Processing, Speech Signal Processing, Music Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Video processing, Bio-Medical applications and Communication Systems algorithm developments. We also provide embedded product design and embedded System Hardware, Software design and Algorithm development.


Some of the unique aspects and features that make our Clients include:

The ability to execute work in multiple skill areas across practically all domains.

The ability to deploy teams with the right skills to suit our customer’s budget and time constraints .

Usage of Six Sigma concepts for continual improvement.

Value Engineering across the product life cycle and Efficient Process Management.

Flexible business models for our customer's discerning needs.

A marked reduction in design & development cycle times.


Averzs's mission is simple to help visualize your ideas and bring your projects to success. Our company mission reflects our focus on achieving this goal. We actively partner with our clients in their research and development efforts.


Our dedicated team members are passionate, driven and committed to deliver on its promise to make a difference to our clients through professional work ethics and company operational discipline.



Consolidate and standardize technology.


Provide Exceptional Services at Low Cost.

Customer Relationships

Promote productive Customer Relationships.

User Experience

Design and deliver Reliable Services for Remarkable Success.


Ensure Data and Systems are Secure.

Creative Themes

Focusing on Creative Imaginary Solutions.


The cornerstone of our company and with every client relationship. You can trust that we will always do what is right, even when it costs us loss of revenue.


We pride ourselves in our resources, our selective hiring model and our continuous training and development ensuring we exceed customer expectations.

Flexibility in Product Deployment

Our flexible engagement model allows you to choose the level at which we are involved in your project. We can provide value at any or all of the stages - planning, developing, implementing or maintenance.


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